Beat Thanksgiving Story Ever: Tiger and Tom

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday wishes to the entire PracTutor Family.

We are sure that everybody enjoyed their delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and is looking forward to an eventful weekend.

Today we share a wonderful story with our readers, the story of Tiger and Tom.

Tiger is a wonderful dog, and is also the best friend to Tom.  Unfortunately,  Tom has to take the heartbreaking decision of selling Tiger. Learn from this story, what forces Tom to part ways from his beloved friend. Learn from this golden tale how a young boy realizes the importance of being a good person, and discovers the true joy of sharing.

Happy holidays to you, and do share your Thanksgiving experiences with us, We’d love to know.



23 Tips to Improve Student Behavior


What is the toughest part of teaching- the curriculum or class management?

Even if a teacher does everything right, there always are students who are sure to push the button, and become the destructive force of the class.

The toughest part of teaching is dealing with such disruptive and dangerous students.

These students often have trouble regulating their emotions. With time, they become inflexible and have outbursts, and leave the teachers feeling exhausted and incompetent.

How to respond when your good intentions bring about bad outcomes?

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