18 Teaching Strategies That Really Work

Teaching Strategies That Really WorkWhat teaching strategies do you use to ensure student success? Do your everyday teaching practices involve terms like community participation?

Skill development has transformed to surpass the limitations of classroom walls and weekly assignments. Improving students’ proficiency has evolved into a round the year, continuous learning process. The value of parental and community participation is no longer minuscule. If your children are to excel, the parents and the community need to increase their participation.

18 Teaching Strategies That Really Work

As you read through this list, you’ll notice that it not just another list of classroom practices or instructions to improve standardized test results.

These teaching strategies highlight terms like – community, family and mentoring. Moreover, the value of peer tutoring, digital technology, and the applications of educational theories – like distributed learning and constructivism -too has multiplied .

Use these teaching strategies and practices to ensure student success.

  1. Adult Tutoring

  2. Peer Tutoring

  3. Extended day – Out of school time

  4. Extended year – Summer programs

  5. Targeted professional development

  6. Mentoring

  7. Instructional coaches

  8. Family involvement outside school

  9. Family involvement at school

  10. Community based student training

  11. Direct Instruction

  12. Constructivism

  13. Additional instruction time

  14. Summer book Program

  15. Professional learning communities

  16. Credit retrieval

  17. Transition based family involvement

  18. Multi-tiered system of support


These teaching strategies can help you build subject proficiency. They would allow all your students to meet the state standards. However, only applying a strategy is not sufficient to ensure student success.

How you implement a teaching strategy is equally important. Even the best strategy can fail if it is implemented poorly. Moreover, not all teaching strategies work all the time with all the students.

Every classroom is a mix of learning styles. Your instruction plan should match this reality. A carefully crafted instruction is the real key to success. Design it to create hooks, and students would retain everything you teach. With a proper framework, you can easily design effective learning experiences to promote student success.

We are curious to learn from you. Share your teaching secrets with us, we’d love to know.

18 Teaching Strategies that really work


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