3 Top PracTutor Math Features

Is digitizing expensive?

I hear it a lot – Schools are slow with digitization because of its high cost. Fortunately, my experience says otherwise. They reject a proposal only when it fails to support student needs.

PracTutor endeavors to change that. It provides teachers with plenty of resources that make the transition inexpensive and worth the investment.

Here, I share three PracTutor features that support math mastery. They have made PracTutor a roaring success.


3 Top PracTutor Math Features


  1. Math Practice 

    Students use this function daily. An enormous bank of questions provides students a variety of challenging tasks. The Standards range from Algebra to Probability.

    Every session integrates practice with learning-videos and intervention. This ensures concept mastery, making PracTutor the perfect resource for self-regulated learning.

    Following screen lists the fourteen PracTutor task types. The purpose is to instill the idea that understanding and explanation are crucial aspects of mathematics. As students learn to frame responses in multitude ways, they become adept at solving problems. Real-life problems.

    This also ensures that students master major as well as supporting concepts.

PracTutor quetion types

  1. Learning Videos

    Video lessons add clarity. Every time you introduce students to a new concept, let them watch videos. Students have a natural inclination towards videos. The assortment of PracTutor videos nourishes students.

    PracTutor learning video

    Students have unique learning styles. They do their math differently. The PracTutor and reference videos give them a chance to develop their unique problem-solving approach.


  1. Interventions

    Unique learning-curves make personalization difficult. Howbeit, students need the space to make mistakes. They need to learn at their own pace. PracTutor facilitates that.

    Teachers transform into mentors- the facilitators of knowledge. The Students become their own teachers. They can select the domain, standard, and plot their own learning path. Successful assignments allow students to attempt tougher problems; while failures activate scaffolds and interventions. Students can select their scaffolds too. There are varieties of scaffolds. They include examples, explanations, hints, and so on.

    PracTutor Scaffoldings

    Repeated failures activate an intervention loop. System suggests necessary enrichments, and informs the teacher. Meanwhile, students are prompted to master their weaknesses with intervention assignments.


Teachers love these features. The proficient students get a chance to challenge themselves; and they get time to attend to the weaker students. Fully-implemented PracTutor programs have allowed schools to maintain the pace of classroom-learning at desired levels.

Frankly, digitization is an opportunity. Going digital to only to stick with the ‘one size fits all’ approach is senseless. If we can personalize our classrooms, we should do so. However, selection of the tools is extremely important. One needs to weigh-in all their options before taking a decision.


About PracTutor

We encourage you to explore PracTutor for teaching problem solving in your classrooms.  PracTutor helps students practice at own pace by personalizing their learning path. It provides students with several accommodations which ensure that students can explore problem solving at their own.

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