52 Gmail Shortcuts: A Cheat Sheet for Teachers

Here are some Gmail tricks you will find useful when using Gmail in your classroom. These keyboard-shortcuts will help you save time, and power you through tasks that you perform multiple times in a school day.

These 52 Gmail shortcuts would help you respond to your mails quickly, reduce the time you spend on organizing your mails, and improve your email communication.

Some of these shortcuts need to be enabled before you can use them

  1. Click the gear in the top right and select Settings

  2. Find the Keyboard shortcuts section and select Keyboard shortcuts on

  3. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

You can access the full list of Gmail shortcuts over here: Click here to access Gmail Help.

List of 52 Gmail shortcuts for teachers

  1. Compose a new message  C

  2. Compose message in a new window Shift + C

  3. Put your cursor in the search box /

  4. Move your cursor to a more recent mail K

  5. Move your cursor to the next oldest mail J

  6. Open a mail Enter or O

  7. In ‘Conversation view’, move your cursor to a newer message N

  8. In ‘Conversation view’, move your cursor to an older message P

  9. Refresh your mailbox, and return to the Inbox or the lists U

  10. Archive a message E or Y

  11. Archive a message. And, all future messages will skip the inbox unless sent or cc’d to you M

  12. Mark (√) a message X

  13. Add/remove star to a message S

  14. Tell Gmail what’s important to you +

  15. Tell Gmail what’s not important to you

  16. Mark a message as SPAM. (The message would be removed from your inbox.) SHIFT + 1

  17. Reply to the message sender R

  18. Reply to a message in a new window SHIFT + R

  19. Reply to all message recipients A

  20. Reply to all message recipients in a new window SHIFT + A

  21. Forward a message F

  22. Forward a message in a new window SHIFT + F

  23. Remove the cursor from the current input field Esc

  24. Move a mail to TRASH (or delete a contact permanently) SHIFT + 3

  25. Open LABELs to label a mail L

  26. Move a mail from INBOX to a label, to spam or trash V

  27. Mark your message as read, and skip to a newer message SHIFT + I

  28. Mark your message as unread SHIFT + U

  29. Remove the current view’s label from your mail, and move to the previous one [

  30. Remove the current view’s label from your mail, and move to the next one ]

  31. Undo your previous action (if possible) Z

  32. Update the conversation for new messages SHIFT + N

  33. Move the cursor to the chat search-box Q

  34. Move to the More Actions drop-down menu .

  35. Move from the edit-field in your chat window to select the emicon menu  CTRL + ↓ ⇒ Enter

  36. View the Gmail keyboard-shortcut menu SHIFT + /

  37. Open the Group-menu to group your contacts L

  38. Use this combination to send your message TAB ⇒ ENTER

  39. Archive your conversation and move to the next mail Y ⇒ O

  40. Return to All mail G ⇒ A

  41. Go to all the conversations you have starred G ⇒ S

  42. Go to your contacts G ⇒ C

  43. Go to drafts G ⇒ D

  44. Go to  the search box with the “label:” operator filled in for you G ⇒ L

  45. Return to the inbox G ⇒ I

  46. Go to the emails you’ve sent G ⇒ T

  47. Select all emails ∗ ⇒ A

  48. Deselect all emails ∗ ⇒ N

  49. Select all the emails you’ve read ∗ ⇒ R

  50. Select all the unread emails ∗ ⇒ U

  51. Select all starred email ∗ ⇒ S

  52. Select all unstarred email ∗ ⇒ T



The Minimalistic Gmail Cheat Sheet

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