Bloom Your Lessons Plans With An iPad: The Pedagogy Wheel

How to judge an educational app pedagogically?

Honestly, selection of a suitable app is a painful process. The App Store features over 80,000 education apps; making it impossible to select the best app to match our lesson plan.

Allan Carrington has developed an impressive visual aid to smoothen this process. The Pedagogy Wheel.

It showcases 122 of the latest and most popular educational apps, all neatly classified to fit with the Bloom’s taxonomy. Pedagogy Wheel is an awesome tool to assist with technology integration.


Pedagogy Wheel

Technology integration is an uphill journey. We essentially blend two models together; the Bloom’s taxonomy for learning and the SAMR framework for technology integration.

The taxonomy casts the foundation of our lesson planning. It helps shape our instruction, the lesson plans and learning activities. Our understanding of the Bloom’s wheel, awareness about various learning styles, and the needs of our class determines what we teach, and how we teach it.

SAMR is our map for technology integration. The SAMR model is the framework to facilitate upgrading of our instructional practices to lavish the benefits of technology.

Our need of blending these two together makes the selection of apps a tedious task.

The Pedagogy Wheel aims at smoothening of this process. It classifies apps as per the learning levels. The aim is to assist teachers find the appropriate apps and manage the resources on how to use them.

The Bloom’s taxonomy forms the core of the wheel. The layer above the Bloom’s wheel defines the action verbs that keep the instructional objectives congruent with the Bloom levels.

Next layer lists the learning activities. These activities facilitate the designing of learning activities that allows students to meet our standards.

The final layer lists fitting iPad apps; the updated Pedagogy Wheel (V4.0) showcases 122 of the latest and most popular educational apps. This expedites the process of selection.

What I love most is the spinning SAMR wheel. It forms the outermost layer of the Pedagogy Wheel; it prompts the educators to keep the cart of technology integration mobile.

The following link will lead you to Allan Carrington’s website; follow it to explore Pedagogy Wheel V4.0. You can download a higher resolution version from there.

Click here to explore the Pedagogy Wheel (V4.0)


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