Four Steps Process to Enhance the US PISA Test Results as Per Teachers Union Chief

Teachers Are The Pioneers Who Address Educational And Social Issues Including Poverty. They Must Be Further Enabled, Consulted And Supported.

Copy of Fotolia_52125054_Subscription_XXLAFT (American Federation of Teachers) President Randi Weingarten shared her opinion on how US can pump up the PISA (the Program for International Student Assessment) test results. At a breakfast hosted at the St.RegisHotel, Ms. Weingarten opined that the US must take an example from other nations to improve performance on the PISA test.

As per the latest comparative results of the 15 years old students, US teens performed just average in science and reading. The scores for mathematics were even more disappointing. The international competition commenced worldwide in 2000 and there have been no key improvements in the test results.

The Education Secretary Arne Duncan labeled the PISA results as “picture of educational stagnation”.

The countries that performed better than the US have a deep sense of respect and they value public education, observed Randi Weingarten, the current president AFT with huge member base of 1.5 million teaching professionals.


The PISA results “flag big caution” towards US educational policies for public schools that face to battle with other choices.

Teachers must be provided with ample time to prepare and collaborate. They even lack the proper amount of support said Ms. Weingarten, the ex-history teacher of Brooklyn’s ClaraBartonHigh School.

Ms. Weingarten further observed that other nations that were performing better are not simply being told what to do but are actually engaged in designing public education.

seoHer final observation was that the common core standards matter and what matters even more is how the Common Core Standards are implemented. Mere orders of implementation might not be sufficient. The Common Core State Standards have been accepted and are in the process of being put to practice by 45 states of the US as well as by Washington, D.C.

She further enlisted four arenas that are important to help all the students of United States perform better. She underlined that poverty does affect academic performance. It is necessary that the proper amount of investigation is performed and investments are allocated for pre-kindergarten programs. The services such as school meals must be considered.

She warped and encouraged the teaching professionals by addressing them as the pioneers who address poverty as well as all other social issues across America.


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