How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World

Santa Christmas

Santa is Here!!!

Do you know- Christmas Eve is just the starting – there are twelve days of Christmas. 

The 12 Days of Christmas start on the Christmas Day and last until the evening of 5th January. Awesome, isn’t it!!!

In US, because of our multi-cultural nature, there are many traditions and ways that people celebrate Christmas. You can find traditions similar with the ones in the Europe and Mexico.


How do we celebrate Christmas in US?

Mostly, the interior and exterior of houses are decorated during the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve. Some families also decorate their house with figures of Santa Claus, Snowman and Reindeer.


The Christmas tree is customarily decorated with garlands, ribbons, tinsel, and lights, and a topper.

Merry ChristmasOther American traditions include a special church service on the Sunday before Christmas and Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Re-enactment of the Nativity of Jesus called a Nativity play is another tradition.

Santa Claus parades are also very common.


How does the world celebrate Christmas?

Here, we share with you a fantastic collection of 14 Christmas around the world posters. Each one will tell you how people celebrate Christmas in their respective country.

You’ll learn about Christmas in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Ukraine.

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Christmas around the world


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