How to Rock This Summer while You Prepare For Next Year

How to Rock This Summer while You Prepare For Next Year


Tip no. 1. Get rid of that alarm clock

Wake up!  There is no school tomorrow. There are no assignments, lesson plans, or weekly reports waiting for you at school. You can choose when you want to wake up, and when you want to go to bed. Summer break is a precious time. Use it wisely. Here are our top 11 tips to help you rock this summer while you prepare for the next school year.

How to Rock This Summer while You Prepare For Next Year

  1. Schedule an exercise plan

You are excellent at preparing lesson plans. Put your skills to good use. Plan an exercise schedule for yourself.  You are a superhero, and superheroes need to be fit.

Join a yoga class. Start taking those swimming lessons, or at least, get back to jogging.


  1. Spend time with your [own] kids

You have the experience of dealing with kids. The only thing you didn’t have was time. Now, you have more than enough. Summer is the best times for teachers to connect with their own kids.

Arrange a week long camping trip. Go cross country. Only you and your kids- that’s it – explore the road; explore what they love.


  1. Re-connect with your family and friends

You have been diligent the whole year. You worked on weekdays and on weekends too. You worked at the school, while you were cooking dinner, and you have worked late at night.

This summer make it a point to reconnect with your family and friends. Find that dusty old phone book -it’s time to make those long-pending phone calls.


  1. Re-imagine your house

You have a good imagination. Your classroom looks awesome. It’s time to do it again – It’s about time that you used those skills for yourself.

Use this summer break to remodel your house. It is your recharging hub; it is your after-school office. Transform it.


  1. Read books just for pleasure

Summer is just the right time to rekindle that spark. Start with non-fiction. Read only for the purpose of reading. Personal development would come later. Math teachers! It’s about time that you added a few P. G. Wodehouse to your collection.


  1. Update your personal blog

If you haven’t yet started, you are already behind the schedule. You have just finished collecting a year worth of memories. Think back over the year, identify your moments of failure and success; identify the challenges you faced. Publish it all. Make a special note of experiences that forced you to cry, and the moments that made you feel proud.

Just log on to your WordPress account and start typing.


  1. Volunteer

I know, not everybody would be going out on that summer vacation.  But, don’t let that bring you down.

Sign up with a local volunteer group. Meet new people, collect those experiences. The experience, surely, would spruce up your upcoming year.


Bottom line is, use this summer break wisely.  By August, nearly everybody would be busy prepping up for the next year. It is better to take some time off, and rejuvenate yourself. Excellent health and a fresh mind-set are as important as good lesson plans.

Here are a few summer activities to prepare you for the upcoming year


  1. Update yourself

Summer is the best time to kick-start those professional development sessions. Figure out what type of continuing education credits you need to progress your career. Search for online certification courses, and enroll yourself.

Update your library of podcasts and TedTalks. Check out the library of resources available with Education week, their collection includes research papers, articles, podcasts and much more.


  1. Improve your technology skills

Summer break is the best time to start with Google teacher certifications. If you have already completed the Level-1 certification, you should aim for Level-2 certification.

Experiment with the digital resources available at school, and try out new learning programs.


  1. Update your lesson plans

Browse through your curriculum files. Check if you need to update any of them.

Experiment with your iPad, check if you can shift your offline lessons to the online space.


  1. Develop your PLN

Stay connected with your Personal learning network. Develop your connections. They can become a precious source of help for you.

Make it a point to increase your participation in weekly twitter conversations, the best ones are as good as attending personal development sessions.

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