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Redefine your classroom assessments with PracTutor- a whole new array of student reports and analysis tools

(Louisville, KY) March 01, 2016 PracTutor today announced the release of PracTutor V6.0, its latest version of online Math and ELA learning program. It brags of a stunning new feel, and heralds an advanced set of student-reports.

PracTutor V6.0 focuses heavily over classroom assessments. Proficiency Filters have been introduced. Moreover, reports can now be sorted. This has simplified classroom testing; and made assessments even more effective.

The new version brags of a stunning feel too. It sports an innovative user interface- attractive to tablet users, and tempting for younger kids.

New Assignment and assessment pages

“You may want to switch-on our new features immediately. Tracking performance has been simplified. Assessments are more effective. PracTutor V6.0 lets you manage all your classes and all your activities without switching tabs. Simply awesome,” said Hardik Parikh, co-founder and CEO of PracTutor. “Teachers are beginning to realize- PracTutor is a better option. Better than a tablet swamped with practice and reporting apps.”

Brand new assessment reports

He adds, “The goal is to discover what students know and can do; and create practice sessions that allow students to achieve mastery in Math and ELA– the fun way.”

Available today to customers in US, pricing for PracTutor membership is US$25.00 per month based on annual membership and US$29.95 per month for month-to-month membership. Customers who register now are eligible for a free 1-month trial. School pricing is also available.

About PracTutor

PracTutor started with the shared vision of the co-founders to provide the best education to our kids.

Today, PracTutor provides innovative personalized learning solutions to support students in Math and ELA. Its interactive learning environment incorporates various pedagogic principles to support its objective.

PracTutor helps teachers and parents monitor, report, and advance student achievement; and assists schools with meeting their accountability goals.

For more information about PracTutor, please visit them online at


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