Where is PracTutor Blog? Your Blog Resumes Publishing

PracTutor Blog resumes publishing

6 Months. That’s the time since we’ve published an article on PracTutor blog. Six Long months.

Why the silence? 

You know it. :)

If you are a PracTutor user, you must have experienced it too. We have been busy redesigning our perception of how we could serve the students; the direction their education is headed in; and where their education ought to be. One can be vocal if they are just redesigning a product; however, if one attempts to redesign their perception- one needs to grow silent.  And, they need to listen.

What did we learn?

We learned – NOTHING!! That’s it- nothing more, nothing less, just a big NOTHING!

In my opinion, every research, every effort, which leads to NOTHING is awesome.

“Knowing that is not so is often quite as important as knowing what is. Even when medicine (EdTech) can suggest no effective remedy for the common cold (student failure rate) there is some advantage in knowing the uselessness of certain popular nostrums.”

Alan Watts

Note: Words in bold are my own.

In last few years, we have put a lot of effort to understand what students need, what teachers want, and how technology can help bridge the widening graduation gap. Did we fail? Yes, we did fail. Did we succeed? Probably, that’s a yes too.

The initial versions of PracTutor were algorithm driven Math and English learning programs. The algorithm decided what students need to learn; the algorithm, based on test results, decided what standards a kid should be held accountable to; and the algorithm decided how well a student is doing.

Fast forward, January 2018- We released an update that allows teachers to correct student answers (Language Arts only.)

Last November, we totally revamped the student page – simpler, easier, and intuitive.

And, anyone who logs in tomorrow would experience a new format of reports…

No performance Report – Just, standards.

No Progress Report – Just, scores.

Anyone who has used PracTutor knows; we aren’t boasting. PracTutor has come a long way. From an online learning platform that defined mastery with the aid of an algorithm; today, PracTutor has become a digital Math and Language Arts solution that empowers teachers with full control over how students use it, while letting kids have the freedom to practice as they choose to.

We aren’t boasting. There is nothing to boast about. Some EdTech gurus may suggest that PracTutor has scaled back on technology. That’s not how we see it. We have, in fact, used technology to ensure both, teacher oversight and student choice, on a single platform, while allowing parents and administrators to have necessary visibility over student progress. PracTutor started as an algorithm-driven learning platform, however, experience has changed us- It has transformed our view of classroom learning.

Let me, once again, ask you- What is personalized learning?

P.S. The PracTutor Blog would resume publishing articles from the third week of February. It would be a real help, if you subscribed to our blog feed. Thank you.

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