PracTutor Expands its Personalized Learning Platform – Exclusive Features For Students

PracTutor re-designs its student page to boost the focus on practice, testing and learning goals

(Louisville, KY) – November 13, 2015PracTutor today announced a new set of features for its students. These features follow the teacher-dashboard upgrade released in September and the addition of the ‘Curriculum’ and ‘Assignment’ features to the parent accounts, last month.


Today’s release adds three games to the student account. It shall complement PracTutor’sBuild a City’ and improve their student engagement score. Moreover, the student dashboard has undergone major changes. The new version focuses heavily on personalization, simplicity and ease of navigation.


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“With PracTutor V5.0, we introduce a completely redesigned student-page – with much more focused practice, tests and learning goals,” said Hardik Parikh, co-founder and CEO of PracTutor. “We have introduced three new games, and will be adding many more for students to take a brain-break.” He adds, “These games can only be played once and have to be earned by learning and practicing!”


New features in this PracTutor release include

  • PracTutor Games – Students can spend PracCash, their virtual fun currency, by playing games. This is in addition to the ‘Build a City’, already immensely popular among students. Games help students find a reason to apply themselves in classrooms. PracTutor V5.0 includes three games, Taxi race, paper bird and Math Pac-Man.
  • Re-designed Student-page – The new version focuses extensively on practice, testing and learning goals. Separate teacher and assignment sections; and individual tabs for the to-do activities and completed assignments create a remarkably simple look.
  • Help-pages – With PracTutor V5.0, PracTutor also announced the launch of its help pages. It provides users a place to learn to use PracTutor. The help-pages have individual sections for parents, administrators, teachers and students, and include ‘how-to’ files. Fresh FAQs have also been added.


In September, PracTutor upgraded its teacher dashboard to support lesson planning, test scheduling and learning assessments. It, also, extended the curriculum and assignment features to the parents.

These changes have been highly successful in reducing the time spent on lesson planning and testing. PracTutor plans to release even newer innovation into the K-12 learning sphere in the coming months.


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Available today to customers in US, pricing for PracTutor membership is US$25.00 per month based on annual membership and US$29.95 per month for month-to-month membership. Customers who register now are eligible for a free 1-month trial. School pricing is also available.


About PracTutor

PracTutor started with the shared vision of the co-founders to provide the best education to our kids.

Today PracTutor provides innovative personalized learning solutions to support students in Math and ELA. Its interactive learning environment incorporates various pedagogic principles to support its objective.

PracTutor helps teachers and parents monitor, report, and advance student achievement; and assists schools with meeting their accountability goals.


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