PracTutor Unfurls A New Teacher Dashboard For Back To School

PracTutor unfurls a New Teacher dashboard for Back To School

“Teacher dashboard upgrade supports lesson planning, test scheduling and learning assessments.”

PracTutor(Louisville, KY) September 18, 2015 – To match with the teachers’ Back To School schedule, PracTutor has unfurled its brand new teacher dashboard that introduces a transformative approach to classroom management. It aims at reducing the time that teachers spend on lesson planning, and classroom testing. Based on the inputs received from teachers across the states, the new dashboard integrates the elements of planning, testing, and reporting functions on one page.

“Every teacher I have interviewed is upset with the enormous time they spend on lesson planning and grading. Time that should belong to students is being wasted,” said Hardik Parikh, co-founder and CEO of PracTutor. “The new dashboard allows teachers to concentrate where their heart is- teaching children.”

Teachers can view all their classes on a single page, and drill the respective class reports to analyze the performance of individual students. The new curriculum allows them to hide and rearrange the PracTutor lessons to fit with their lesson planning. Teachers can also assign standards-based practice for the struggling students.

Similar to the curriculum, the assessment function focuses on reducing testing and grading time. Teachers can check the completed and pending tests; drill the reports to analyze student performance. At every step, teachers have the option of assigning remediation as they find fit.

The upgraded report section introduces multiple criteria to evaluate student performance. Moreover, it highlights growth with every test and assignment. Teachers can now effortlessly compare student performance against other students, and for various standards.

“I regularly speak with educators, and they are struggling to meet the new standards established by Common Core. Providing teachers with a CCSS based curriculum is not enough. We need to return the control over the classroom to the teacher, and the new PracTutor is a crucial step towards it. A curriculum that grooms our students to exceed the State Standards; and a teacher dashboard that truly allows our teachers to attend to the needs of students,” said Hardik.

About PracTutor

PracTutor started with the shared vision of the co-founders to provide the best education to our kids. Today PracTutor provides innovative personalized learning solutions to support students in Math and ELA. It’s interactive learning environment incorporates various pedagogic principles to support its objective. PracTutor helps teachers and parents monitor, report, and advance student achievement; and assists schools with meeting their accountability goals.

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