7 Things to do Before End of Class

End of class

Utterly chaotic!

Mrs. Wilson continues, “The classes always end with me shouting out the last-minute reminders, while students are busy chatting about the day’s lunch menu, packing up their books and exiting the room.”

The truth is, by the end of class most students feel drained and exhausted. Some even feel sleepy. If you are not alert, students may even forget what you taught.

Following is a list of 7 tips for you to make a good impression before students leave the class.


7 Things to do Before End of Class

  1. Check if students have noted their homework properly.

  2. Confirm if students have understood the topic. Conduct a random quiz. If students fail to answer, you may want to repeat those points in the next class.

  3. Ask students to check their belongings. Ensure they don’t leave anything behind.

  4. Tell students about the next lesson. Suggest them to come prepared for it.

  5. Talk lovingly to the student, especially, if you had to scold someone during the class.

  6. End your class on a high note, a beautiful smile and a loving good-bye.

  7. Use end of class tickets. Ask students to write one thing they learned during the class. Collect them as students leave the room.

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