Three Important Steps To Prepare For Field Test Of PARCC And Pilot Test Of SBAC

After implementation of the common core state standards the teachers, the students, the parents, as well as the school administrators have been in a difficult situation. There are many challenges to be dealt with. Right from “educating the teachers on being able to comply with the teaching of the common core curriculum” to “delivering 95 percent proficiency in each core standard in each school”, though the journey has just begun.

Since the entire implementation process of the Common Core State Standards has just started, there is not much of an improvement in the learning of students as of now. Some parents are angry and almost all students are intrigued, overall, everyone is baffled as of now. However, the PRACC’s filed test and SBAC pilot test are just around the corner and soon the learning gap will be clear to everyone.

The parents who are angry with the field-tests of PARCC and SBAC being compulsory, they must go through the Federal laws, that clearly state that it is NOT mandatory but recommended to take the test. On the other hand, the school administrations have made it clear that the students, who would not appear for the pilot test, will not be sitting idle. They will be given other academic activities to practice and perform during the duration of the field test.

If you think rationally, it is just a pilot test and not an international marathon. Though you are free to opt out of the test, the results of these tests will help you understand the scope of improvement for your child.

Here is a quick reference guide for the students to prepare for the field test of PARCC as well as the pilot test of SBAC.

a)      Practice (help students get familiar with the format of the test –online technology piece)

The students who would be taking test online will need to be familiar with the technology. It is recommended that you encourage the students to practice online. Practicing online will

  • give them a hang of the technology,
  • help them get use to typing and reviewing on screen, and
  • help them get familiar with the real time test scenario.
  • assist in complying with common core skills need to access, integrate, manage, and create information through use of online resources.

b)      Encourage more in-depth reading. Help them understand the meaning of the passages and analyze.

The common core standards emphasize on mastering various skills. Some of them that form an integral part of the academic achievement are as follows

  • Communication Skills: Verbal (both oral as well as written communication) skills to create, express and to interpret the idea, information, and the technical terms must be acquired proficiently.
  • Problem solving and critical thinking ability: Solve problems by applying critical thinking ability, imagination, resourcefulness, and innovation.
  • Academic base: The skills that are required to pursue postsecondary education and an entire range of career opportunities must be acquired through academic education.

Simple interpretation of these terms means that a student should be able to at least,

  • use technology safely and adaptively,
  • analysis the passages,
  • pin the central theme of the passage and question,
  • understand the character analysis of the characters crafted in the passage,
  • analyze the communication,
  • interpret the gestures,
  • analyze  the outcomes of communication and situation,
  • innovate the solutions or develop the concept furthermore
  • explain the concepts learned or inferred in a real life situation
  • provide ample reference in a proper format for the supporting resources that have been used.

Here under is an array of a few questions to help you understand the type of question you should practice on


From 1


From 2

Skills to practice -> The student needs to understand the message from the passage and answer the question.

  • Reading the passages
  • Understanding the concept of the passage
  • Comprehend the vocabulary, and
  • Identify the idea
  • Reflect on the story development

Understand, interpret, and relate to the question before answering

From 3

From 3

 Skills to practice -> The student needs to understand the message from the passage and answer the question.

  • Use technology safely and adaptively,
  • Analysis the passages,
  • Pin the central theme of the passage and the questions,
  • Interpret the gestures,
  • Analyze  the outcomes of communication
  • Explain the communication identified
From 4: Sample test page of

From 4: Sample test page of

From 5: Sample test page of

From 6

From 6

Skills to practice -> The student needs to understand the message from the passage and answer the question.

  • Use technology safely and adaptively,
  • Read and comprehend the passages,
  • Redevelop/recreate the story through drag and drop technology from the storyline that has been provided.

c)       Justify your answers

Earlier, the students were expected to learn and apply the concepts. The new assessments based on PARCC and SBAC need the students to think, justify, and implement the same in a real life situation as well.

From 7

From 7

For example:

The problem is shortage of clean water at the Bear creek.

For the solution:

The student is suppose to apply the seven steps problem solving technique as displayed below.



The possible solution need to be interpreted and presented.

image by

image by

And finally, the answer needs to be justified.

image by

image by

Good luck with your preparations and remember to overcome your fear of failure is the first step towards success.



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