Tips and Tricks to Help Motivate Reluctant Readers

Encouraging kids to read, and motivating them to continue doing it, is important to every teacher. Instigating reluctant readers to read is an integral part of this endeavor. It’s a challenge to motivate them to pick up a book, and read till they finish it.

Howbeit, it is achievable.

What you need is patience, proper planning, and tools that motivate kids to read. Here is a list of tips and tricks for you to help motivate reluctant readers to read. If you are about to start a summer reading program, these tips would help you cultivate good reading habits among your kids.


Tips and tricks for you to help motivate reluctant readers to read

  1. Low vocabulary books

Books with easy and simple words are called easy-vocabulary books. They can easily hook your kid to reading. Low vocabulary books use easy vocabulary and balanced difficulty level, and maintain it through-out the book. It helps kids read more.


  1. Pin-the-Map

Kids love exploring. Geography fascinates a lot of kids. Give them a world map. Every time your kids read a story, ask them to relate it with locations over the map. Ask them to color those places. Every book would provide them with a lot of places to mark, like, the birthplace of characters, location settings, turning points of the story, and so on. Kids enjoy this activity like anything. It helps them build connections with the book; and motivates them to continue reading.


  1. Read-to-quiz

Kids love boasting too. ‘Read to quiz’ games can be really motivating. Once your kids are done reading, ask everyone to create a quiz for the rest of the class. They can pick up their favorite part, and create crosswords, jumbled words and sentence, or small questionnaires.


  1. Book-a-thon

Reading events like “Book-a-thon” can be real fun. You can start with a week-long ‘Book-a-Thon’. Let them loose in a room filled with books. They begin with arranging books over various shelves. Once they are done arranging the books, they select books from these shelves, and start reading. As soon as someone finishes reading a book, he creates a quiz based on the book. Once the quiz is done, he can move on to the next book.

Let Kids choose their books

  1. Let kids choose their books

It’s regarded as the prize-winning method to raise motivation levels. Let your kids choose what they want to read. Your guidance should limit to helping them understand their choices. Once your kids discover that perfect-fit-genre, the number of books they read can really climb up. Try it; and see the difference!


  1. Interactive books

Kids love iPads, and they love playing games.  You can create an interactive book by yourself, else download a reading app, or use an online version of that book.

Interactive books let kids listen to the book; play games based on the plot; draw and color pictures; and write and publish reviews. Some online tools even allow kids to create an alternative story based on the book.


Reading is necessary. However, the habit of reading cannot be enforced. If you have tried doing it, you already know that such a habit doesn’t last, neither is it effective. The habit of reading can only be cultivated, and the best tool to do it is – make reading fun!

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