Top 7 educational blog hosting platforms for teachers

If you are a teacher looking for a place to host your educational blog then here is a compilation of some of the finest platforms where you can host your educational blog for free. is an amazing platform that offers the teachers a free forever account and a 100 MB space to host their educational blog with the facility to create a class of up to 50 students. It has ample safety features and the best part is that it recognizes the teachers’ as content curators while the students are allowed to be the authors.

In accordance with the COPPA, it does not ask any personal information from the students. There obviously is a better version that is the paid version. However, the cost is of the best version of kidblog is so nominal that instead of investing in web server space and its maintenance, it would be comparatively better for the schools to use this platform.

The latest attractive feature of the Kidblog accounts’ apple application is that it allows you to manage your blog from your iPad, iPod Touch as well as iPhone. Apart from managing blog activity, you can moderate posts and approve or decline comments. Even the students can upload posts, photos and videos directly using an iOS device. You need not be an HTML expert for being an expert blogger on the Kidblog. has real cool features and is absolutely free for the teachers, online portfolios, and web stores, etc. The interface is simply splendid as it offers easy to use drag and drop website editor, has plenty of templates to choose from, lets you connect with the parents and the students easily and even lets you manage assignments with the simple forms. Manage the student logins with passwords; add pictures, audio players, videos, maps, documents and even the photo galleries with simple drag drop features. 

If you already own a domain you can use this platform to host your free blog to connect with own domain as well. Post class updates and homework assignments for the students. Add news for the parents and connect with all other teachers and schools via social media. If you can think of something, anything, you will find it here, and above all – it is all free! permits a free blog to the teachers and the students with some useful features. It provides you with the tools that support online blended learning classroom management. Of course, you can create journals, conduct discussions, assign assignments and even grade the assignments. The blog environment is secure and the teachers get good options to choose the tools that suit their requirements. However, the free version of classchatter does not support upload of audio or video files.

They do have a paid version as that can be used by the schools to manage school blogs on a massive scale and there are some real useful features such as, creating and linking wikis, post existing learning material as digital document and customization features for each class that complement the teaching requirements. provides a platform only for the educators i.e. the teachers, students and the schools. This platform works in association with wordpress content management system. All the features that are offered free by the wordpress blog are free through as well. The only difference is that instead of it reading the address of you blog is

You are allotted a free space of 32.00 MB however, in case you wish to create a classroom website you need to upgrade. As your free personal blog host, edublogs offers nothing that is better or exciting about than a free wordpress blog. You can customize the look of your blog as per your choice and upload photos, flipbooks, videos and podcasts of your choice. However, through the pro version you get the benefits that you would prefer as an educator. allows the teachers to sign up for free and get a 7 days free trial. It allows you to choose the design template and permits comments moderation. However, only the teacher is able to upload blog posts. The students are allowed just to read or comment but cannot upload any blog posts. The teachers can choose to keep the blog open for public or can choose to give the readership only to the students. On the paid platform, the teachers are ever provided with the features such as SSL certificate for security. offers a free blog to the teachers with easy and free subscription for the students and for the parents as well. The free account offers you a 100 MB space while the paid version has 500 MB space and a few more features such as archive old blogs attached and grade the students’ assignments, etc. There is a trial offer for 14 days available as well for the teachers to try. The site has been offering services for over a decade. It promises no advertisements even in the free version. Over all you get the options to choose and decide if you wish to keep your blog free with limited features and space or wish to go for a paid blog with better features. is only for the schoolteachers and offers registrations only through school administration with a specific pass code. It allows you to add your favorite links, articles, blog posts and post projects for students. Created with the main motive to help the teachers in polishing the writing skills of the students, it does not permit any student to publish the blog post until it has been approved by the teacher. is a paid domain that offers some real cool features for a creative learning flipped classroom. You can sign up for the free trial period before you subscribe for the paid version.

A few more platforms that are open to all and have where you can host your educational blogs are,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Each of these platforms has been serving since quite some time and thus, has its own benefits. However, these platforms are not simply dedicated to education and teaching. You will need some knowledge of html and designing and will have to search the tools that you need on your site and will have to embed them on your own or with help of a professional programmer, in case you choose to host your blog on any of the platforms listed in above paragraph.

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