Understanding the PARCC Field Test Report

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On 23rd Jan PARCC states released the latest version of the PARCC Field test report. The document shares the observations of the complete test administration process, students’ and test-administrators’ observations.


PARCC Field Test:

The field-tests were administered across 14 US states and the District of Columbia during the spring of 2013-14. Approximately, more than 1 million students participated in the test.

The ultimate goal was to validate PARCC as a quality assessment program, and to explore the possibility of any improvement prior to the 2014-15 spring administration.


PARCC Field Test Report:

PARCC states analyzed the findings of the spring administration and identified the lessons learned.  PARCC Field Test Report summarizes the key findings, and describes the actions that the PARCC states intend to take.

Focus of the report

  • Test items;

  • Student experience;

  • Technology preparedness;

  • Training materials;

  • Manuals;

  • Administration procedures;

  • Customer support.


The field-test was a success. 

  • Student’s experience was positive;

  • The online systems performed well;

  • Areas of improvement were clearly identified.

Download the PARCC Field Test Report


Understanding the PARCC Field Test Report

Following is the condensed infographic version of the findings of the thirty-two page PARCC Field Test report. It is divided into three sections:

  • The Summary;

  • Student experience;

  • Test administration.

Please share your views about the infographic representation of the report. Would you like us to create another to summarize the planned improvements from the field-test report? We’d love to know.

 PARCC field report (1)

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